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General Information
Michel BEINE
Born : Namur, Belgium, 13/04/68
Married, 3 children
Email : michel.beine@uni.lu

June 1991 : Masters in Economics, University of Namur, Belgium
September 1997 : Phd in Economics, University of Brussels, Belgium


Full professor, international economics, University of Luxembourg

Research fellow : IRES (Université Catholique de Louvain), CES ifo (Munich, Germany) and CREAM (UCL, London)

Fields of interest

International finance : exchange rates; financial integration
International Economics: international migration, trade integration, diaspora externalities.


Winner of the 1991 prize of the Royal Belgian Society of Political Economy for the best Masters thesis entitled "L'impact de la politique budgetaire sur la balance courante: théorie et évidence empirique"
Top 1 2001 requested paper of the Journal of Development Economics (joint with F. Docquier and H. Rapoport)
Winner of the 2002 Milken Institute Award for Distinguished Economic Research for the following paper "Brain drain and economic growth in LDC's: who loses and who wins?" (joint with F. Docquier and H. Rapoport)